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Wishes for mom

On the occasion of Mother's Day
Much happiness, prosperity,
little sadness, much joy,
Mom, may you walk smiling on your holiday and everyday!

Live mommy for many years,
May angels guard you and may you always know your children love you!

On the occasion of your holiday, as of yesterday and as of today,
Mom, may your every wish come true, may you have good health, feel joy everyday, and love and gratitude from your children!

Much health, much joy and eternal youth! May all your dreams come true, may you have many successes at work, long and happy years of life. Happy Mother's Day!

I can not come in person with with a bouquet of roses to kiss you and hug you. Let this card replace me and fulfill all your dreams :). Wishing you a wonderful day and all the best!

On the occasion of the Mother's Day, I hope you collect only the best from life and fulfill all your dreams. May the sun always shine in the sky for you.

You are more beautiful than flowers and sun. And have so much love inside you. You gave us more than we could ask for, thank and love you Mom!

I would like today to callect all flowers in the garden,
arrange them in a single bouquet full of rich colors.
Let each flower show my love for you,

Every single flower signify my gratitude,
Thank you for everything you done for me my dear mother!

Thank you for taking on what it was impossible to bear,
Thank you for doing something out of nothing,
Thank you that you gave so much even when you had empty pockets
That you loved me, made money to educate me,
That you were doing impossible things with a smile.

Mommy, my dear,
because you are so overworked and have no free time,
I would like to run and tell you just how much I thank you that my heart beats.

Dear Mother,
So on the day of your holiday, Be always cheerful.
And always in good health, Much love, your child 

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